C.V. / Info


Education: Schoonhoven (Zadkine), goldsmith division (4 years)
(Evening school silversmith practice – Heerens)
1964: Goldsmith Certification
1964: Internship year at jewelry atelier “Vanzetka” in The Hague (Hartman)
1965: Master Mark
1966: Founded own atelier at home address in Wassenaar
1966: Commission “Heugevelt” factories and first exposition at Visser jewelry, Noordeinde The Hague
1967: Worked at silver factory “Koninklijk Begeer”, Voorschoten (in design atelier)
1968: Mentioned in Pieter Scheen’s Arts Encyclopedia “Lexicon Beeldend Kunst Nederland 1880-1992”
1971: Teaching by request at “Stichting Nijevelt”
1971: Founded “De Wassenaarse Edelsmeedschool”
1973-now: working member “Haagsche Kunstkring” (H.K.K.)
1976-1983: working member “Cosa” in Delft
1977: co-founder and board member “Vereniging Wassenaarse Beeldende Kunstenaars” (V.W.B.K., now the Kunstgroep Wassenaar)
1985: Second, new master mark after burglary atelier
Gemology study “Gemological Association of Great Britain” in London
Multiple group and solo expositions, demonstrations and lectures
Active member “Nederlandse Edelsmeed Vereniging” (NEV), “Penningvereniging” and “Nederlandse Lapidaristenvereniging” (all three no longer exist)
1981-1985: Second atelier at old “Bloemcamplaanschool Wassenaar”: own work and teaching goldsmiths, slingcasting and enameling (with guest teachers)
1986: Third atelier at home address in Wassenaar; kept teaching group lessons until the end of 1999
Work purchased by the Dutch government (now in Coda museum), Wassenaar township and private individuals nationally and internationally
2002: Mentioned in “AKKU: De Hedendaagse Professionele Kunstenaars in Nederland”
2002-recent: Design of jewelry, presenting lectures and writing articles. Furthermore own goldsmiths work, as well as multiple expositions nationally and internationally.
2020: Mentioned in “Een Monument Voor De BKR: De Geschiedenis van een Spraakmakende Kunstenaarsregeling (1949-1987). This is a book featuring work of the top 100 of 21.000 Dutch artists as chosen by Fransje Kuyvenhoven. Including exhibition in Gorcums Museum.
2020-2021: Exhibitions Art of Shopping in Wassenaar.
2021-2022: Exhibition paintings and jewelry HKK, as well as glass in public library Wassenaar.
2023-2024: Art of Shopping in Wassenaar, Kunstgroep and HKK member exhibitions.

Abbreviations in collection:
Gold 14 karat: 585 dz. (thousands)
Gold 18 karat: 750 dz. (thousands)
Silver 925 dz. Is first quality Silver 835 dz. Is second quality
Car. Carat jewelry
n.o.t.k. – to be determined
i.v.m. – in case of fluctuating gold/silver and gem price
v. – sold

All jewelry is unica, unless noted and hall-marked.
Due to safety, any requested jewelry will only be available in the atelier after email contact and confirmed appointment.
The website collection is refreshed periodically.
Loose gems, gem colliers and pearl colliers in stock.
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