‘…Happiness is elusive, it is like a fairy bird, like a flying jewel shining in the golden light of tomorrow…’      J.U.

30th year

For Whom
Lessons for beginners, advanced and practical trade training (theory Ivio).
Students from previous years have precedence for their ‘own’ lesson.
Technical instruction about sawing, filing, sanding (for advanced students), polishing, stone-setting, casting and the knowledge of materials, as well as artistic gold and silver smithery are given equal attention.
Drawing and design instruction, copying, observation practice, modeling in clay, wax and plaster.
Personal attention is given to enable individual development of style (max. 6 students per lesson.)
The three hours weekly class is given in my own studio, where everything is available for making ornaments and objects..
In the afternoon class the accent is on larger work: objects in wood, stone and metal.
Extra costs:
a basic set of tools, file, drawing materials, metals, precious stones and other natural materials..
Lessons in Atelier The Wave are not being given anymore. Designing new jewelry remains possible and is done at the highest possible quality.

Expositions Selma
1966 t/m 2007
(alphabetical order and incomplete)
Almelo 1x Amersfoort 1x Amsterdam 4x Antwerpen 1x Bergschenhoek 1x Brea 2x Boston 1x Delft 3x Eerbeek 1x Elburg 1x Gent 1x ’s-Gravenhage 38x Hendrik-Ambacht 1x Hilversum 1x Hoensbroek 1x ’s-Hertogenbosch 1x Hoorn 1x Laren 1x Leiden 9x Leidschendam 1x Lisse 2x Katwijk 1x Monster 1x Oosterbeek 1x Roermond 1x Rosmalen 1x Rijswijk ( Z.H.) 1x Schoonhoven 3x Tiel 1x Utrecht 2x Valkenburg 1x Wageningen 5x Wassenaar 78x Woerden 1x Zeist 2x Zoetermeer 2x Zwijndrecht 1x

If you are interested in something from the collection,
you can reach the studio via the contact form on the Contact page.
After our email contact, I can send you the exact information regarding the jewelry piece you’ve expressed interest in.
Designs and commissions are possible and if desired shall be executed by an exemplary goldsmith.