Ben-Heart Foundation

Ben-Heart Foundation

1. The foundation bears the name: Ben-Heart-Stichting

2. Its seat is in the municipality of Wassenaar


Article 2

1. The foundation aims to:

    a. provide actual and direct financial support to young people up to the age of approximately thirty-three who, for whatever reason, require support, which is not or, in the opinion of the foundation’s board, not sufficient on the basis of government provisions or otherwise obtainable;

    b. performing all further actions that are related to the foregoing in the broadest sense or that may be beneficial to this end.

2. The foundation tries to achieve its part by all legally permitted means. It can designate a project for this purpose annually.

ANBI  / K.v.K. 01-02-2002  / nr. 27248079  / NL54 INGB 000 45 66 778

If you are interested in the foundation, you can reach it via the contact form on the Contact page.