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Selma by Paul Citroen

Introduction to modern art by art teacher halfway through high school.
1961-1965 – Trade school for goldsmiths (Schoonhoven) drawing lessons accenting jewelry and enamel.
1978-1979 – Besides my goldsmiths atelier, and teaching of: drawing jewelry design (unique). Artistic therapy (painting) The Hague.
1981-1987 – University course ‘De Wervel’ for artistic therapy in Zeist/Driebergen.
1987 – Internship Arta.
The various drawing and painting possibilities deployed for patients/clients, from the anthroposofic
De diverse teken- en schildermogelijkheden ingezet voor patiënten/cliënten, van uit de anthroposophical insights of Rudolf Steiner.
1971/1974/1975/1976/1977 – Posing for painter Paul Citroen, castle Duinrell/Wassenaar (The castle has unfortunately been torn down. Paul’s heritage, for the most part is in the Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle.)
1986 – Painting in Dornach/Switzerland.
1989 – Giving painting ‘lessons’ at the Ypsilon association.
Course for model drawing Bianca/Wassenaar and Haagsche Kunstkring.
1989 – Drawing assignments for the Dutch Goldsmiths Association (Nederlandse Edelsmeed Vereniging).
1991 – Open painting lessons Wassenaar.
1992 – Painting exposition at law firm in Wassenaar.
Art trips to Paris/Chartres, Antwerp, Vienna, Florence (pré–renaissance assignment), London, Düsseldorf, New-Mexico, India & Nepal.
Painting lessons, 3years with Joost Verhagen (Voorburg).
2005 – Public exposition in Wassenaar library.
2013-2014 – Exposition in gym Aerofit/Wassenaar.
2018 – Continuing exposition in notary office Just/Voorschoten.
2019 – Continuing exposition in atelier/home and on website.
2024 – Congratulations Haagse Kunstkring due to 50 years of membership.

See C.V. Sculpting / Jewelry

Continuous exhibition in studio at home, AeroFit Wassenaar and notary Pérez in Voorschoten.

My paintings will continue to be used for good causes in consultation with the client.