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While designing and manufacturing my jewelry, which were often three dimensional, I experienced the need to start working larger.
1988 – This lead to my first two sculptures being cast in bronze.
Lessons at the Vrije Academie (Free Academy) in The Hague (Rudi Rooijackers), Sculpting store in wood/stone in Scheveningen, and summer courses at World Art (Gedion Nyanhongo), Glass workshops at Tetterode Amsterdam, molding in Germany, and sculpting in Zimbabwe.
Working in hard and soft stone, wood and glass.
Sculpted in two art therapy courses, (anthroposophy) sculpting, aimed at the healing of people.
Furthermore an autodidact.


All sculptures unica, unless specified differently, and/or from private collection.
t.           title
m.         material
y.           year
me.       measurements (approximate): l.(length) h.(height) and wi.(width) in cm’s
p.          price
pr.         private collection
t.b.d.     to be determined
b.          bid
s.          signature
ho.        horizontal
v.           vertical

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