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If needed, I can offer you an appropriate trajectory based on the yoga philosophy.


First Yoga lessons in Katwijk (60’s) and followed in The Hague (70’s).
1991-1994 – four year recognized Yoga HBO ‘Saswitha’ study in Zeist, to certified Yoga teacher: specialisations in Breathing and Chakra
1991-current – teaching, including annual training:
Yoga book created for participants of Yoga courses The Wave
Training Satyananda Yoga Center in Nederasselt
1995 – Yoga and Shiatsu (Dan Stratton)
1996 – Yoga of Verticality (Babacar Khane), Netherlands and in Zinal (Switzerland)
1997 – Bija Yoga Event (Swami Niranjanananda) in Aix-les-Bains (France): Sayasini
1998 – Atma Darshan in Bangalore: Yoga Ashram (Branch of Bihar School of Yoga, certificate of Yoga teachers training)
1999 – Hieroglyphs, HOVO Leiden
1999 – Started meditation group due to Kosovo in own atelier
2000 – Hindi, HOVO Leiden
2001 – Yoga lessons and Ayurvedic massages, El Gona in Egypt
2006 – L’école de Yoga de L’odett (France): introduction to Jigyasu Sanniasa (Yoga Mudra ) by Swami Niranjanananda
2003, 2007 & 2008 – European Yoga Congress in Zinal, Switzerland
To the present: elaboration of yoga philosophy, private facilitator and substitute teacher in Yoga/ayurveda on request.

Two years of T’ai-chi followed
Certified member of the VYN
Annual mandatory refresher courses of the VYN (Vereniging Yoga Nederland, affiliated to European Yoga Union)
Decades of Yoga group lessons given in the Netherlands, Belgium, as well as in Egypt, Nepal and Miramar/Thailand (volunteering)
Seated Yoga for the Elderly

If needed, I can offer you an appropriate trajectory based on the Ayurvedic philosophy.


2000: Diploma in Ayurvedic Massage Therapist (Nijmegen APB)
1999-2003: HBO Education Ayurvedic Health Consultant (Nijmegen APB), certified September 2003 (Robert H. Swami Persaud)
2001: Seminar Shanti Wassenaar
2001: Collaboration Ayurvedic Research Center in Kathmandu (Nepal)
2003: Seminar Wageningen
2003-2005: HBO basic medical (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology) Academy of Chinese Medicines Qing-Bay (Nijmegen)
Further training:
2004 & 2005: Certificate of participation Basic Course of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (Dr. Tenzin Namdul)